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I have loved animals from a very early age. When I was at school I used to look after the school animals, to be honest I loved being with the school rabbits more than doing my school work. In 1994 I got married and moved from my home in Brighton to live in Bedford, at the time I had to take any job I could find,started working in a factory which I really didnít like, but in 1999 I started looking after animals on a part time basis after work.

At this time we had about 26 rabbits and 100 guinea pigs of our own which I really enjoyed. We used to show guinea pigs and won several prizes. Someone at our club said 'why donít you call yourselves Fullers Ark?' Thatís where our name and logo came from. In 2001 I was made redundant and decided now is the time to go full time.

I have never looked back it was the best thing that happened to me, I often walk about 13 dogs a day and in the summer I can do up to 15 house visit for cats. I am often out the house from 7.30am till 9pm at night.

It can be hard work I do about 37,000 miles a year and can walk about 15 miles a day, but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing, several years ago we decided to get a dog of our own as we always walk other peoples. Our dog is on the top of the home page, then after a couple of years one of our customers became ill and she offered me her dog. As she could no longer cope. She was a cavalier she was over wait had a bad heart we thought we would have her a few months, we had her 4 years and when she passed away Jan 2011 she was 12, so she did well

When we go away, out of season a early holiday and late holiday, we always leave her in the house and either get someone to visit, or the person who looks after the business looks after her and the rest of our animals

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